Do you have a story to tell about the first time you fell in LOVE?

Maybe it was the seventies. You were young, reckless – you had cut your hair short for the first time – and you go to your first lesbian activist group in Newtown. Your palms were sweaty but you try and walk with a strong dyke swagger. There’s a girl at the front talking about lesbian rights. She has flaming red hair and an attitude to match and you think, good lord, I have to get to know that girl. I think I love that girl.

Maybe it was the eighties. There you were at Patches. You were sporting shoulder pads, stone wash denim, and the theme from Miami vice is playing in the background. That swelteringly hot songstress Tina Turner is making you think –“what’s love got to do with it?” And then you see him – across the room – and suddenly your heart is set on fire.

Or maybe it was just last week! You just turned 65, and you woke up and thought to yourself oh my god it’s time. It’s really time – and now I have to start living for myself. You throw out every piece of men’s clothing you own except for the hidden stash of dresses and shoes behind the wardrobe. You put on your make up with shaky hands. You stand as tall as you can. And then you open that front door and walk on out. And at that moment – you fall in love. You fall in love with who you really are. And it’s beautiful.

What Will We Do With Your Stories?

We are collecting your first LOVE stories to celebrate, illuminate and share the memories of older LGBTI community members. The aim of this initiative is to give everyone the opportunity to know more about older LGBTI people and sharing real stories is one way to do this.

After you submit your story you will receive an email confirming we have received it. We will bring together all the stories you have submitted and publish them together on the LOVE Project website and social media platforms. You will be sent a link and notified of the date the stories are to be published.

Do I Have to Use My Real Name?

No. The only thing we need to know is that you are over 55 years old and that you live in NSW Australia.

What If I Submit My Story and then I change my mind and don’t want it published?

All you need to do is get in contact with us and we will remove it. Use the details below to get in touch.

Can I submit a photograph?

Yes, you can – just use the link below.

Can I remain anonymous?

Yes, you can.

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