LGBTI Inclusive Practice

Service accreditation (The Rainbow Tick)

The Rainbow Tick consists of six standards against which services can be formally accredited to demonstrate LGBTI inclusive practice and service delivery. Services can include the six standards as part of their cycle of service accreditation or can apply to do the Rainbow Tick as a stand-alone assessment subject to ongoing reassessment and quality review. Services that receive The Rainbow Tick will have the opportunity to be listed in a national register of LGBTI accredited organisations.

The Rainbow tick is a world first and was developed by GLHV in consultation with Quality Innovation Performance (QIP).

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The HOW2 Program, also developed by GLHV, consists of four training workshops run over six months with the goal of supporting organisations to develop and implement LGBTI inclusive practices and to meet each of the six standards of the Rainbow Tick.

To assist you with preparing for Rainbow Tick accreditation, or to assist with developing inclusive service provision in other sectors, we offer the HOW2 training program and LGBTI-inclusion consulting services to ensure your organisation can demonstrate competency and meet all the required six standards:

  1. Organisational capability
  2. Consumer consultation
  3. LGBTI cultural safety
  4. Disclosure and documentation
  5. Professional development
  6. Access and intake

To find out more about HOW2 training program and LGBTI-inclusion consulting services and/or Rainbow Tick accreditation, please contact or call us on (02) 9206 2141.